Mission Statement

The Aylsham Singers is a mixed voice, mixed ability community choir that aspires to blend the pleasure of singing with excellence.  We strive to promote unity in song by establishing a sense of achievement, and the feeling of well being, through singing and performing.
The focus of the choir is the study and practice of music in order to achieve the best standard of singing performance.  To give members and audiences enjoyment of a broad range of music.
We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of musical experience.  Other than the ability to hold a tune, there is no requirement to read music; all that is required is enthusiasm and commitment to be the best we can be.
Community, charity and local needs gives real motivation to our effort and endeavour.


  • All inclusive
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Enjoyment in singing
  • Desire to get better
  • Nurturing environment
  • To empower and enrich


To  develop and improve vocal and harmony skills to the best of our abilities in a respectful, supportive and friendly rehearsal environment.  To deliver an entertaining concert performance, whilst raising funds for community/charity projects.

Member Commitment

  • To contribute to, uphold the values and objectives of the group
  • To attend rehearsals and do home study
  • To encourage respect, friendship and well being throughout the group
  • To endeavour to improve vocal abilities
  • To contribute to group financial needs
  • To promote concerts and membership